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Pre-sale information

Where can I download our PRO software?

You can download USB-AV Antivirus here.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard, Bank/Wire transfer, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, Credit/Debit card (Payment information by Fax), Discover/Novus, and Alipay.

Is it safe to purchase product via your website?

Your order will be processed through "Avangate", which ensures that your transaction will be secured by 256bit SSL encryption. All your information remains private and secure. We guarantee the safety and protection of your personal information.

How long is the valid service time of the license code?

The valid service time of the license code is ONE YEAR. This policy applies to all USB-AV Lab products.

What is your refund policy?

When you purchase USB-AV Lab products, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Within 30 days, you can request your money back if our products don't do all that we say they will.

After-sale and product registration

Why didn't I receive the license code ?

1. Due to your email settings, the email containing license code may go to your Spam folder directly. Please check it there.
2. You provided an invalid email address when you ordered the software.
3. Your email service provider rejects emails from unknown senders.

If you still cannot find the email, please reach us through our Online Support and we will help you soon.

I lost my license code. Can you help me?

You can receive its license key again sending a mail to our recovery address: from the same address that you used to buy the product. It must indicate in the matter of the mail this words "send key".

Why is the downloaded file corrupted?

This problem is due to an uncompleted download of the program. It could be caused by the Internet speed or the download tools. To solve this issue, please kindly apply the following instructions:

1. Delete the corrupted file and clean your browser's cache.
2. Restart the browser.
2. Re-download the setup file on our download page.

Renewal information

How do I renew my license code?

WhenIf you want to renew your USB-AV antivirus PRO licence/s, you will receive a 30% renewal discount. When renewing your licences you can purchase more licences for the same or a new product and change the length of update periods and still receive a 30% discount.

How do I renew my license code with different quantity?

At present, our renewal system does not support quantity change when renewing current license code. If you need to change the license quantity, please purchase a new license code with your desired quantity. We always provide a large discount to customers.

Product Information

What are the differences between the FREE and PRO versions?

The PRO version has Automatic and Scheduled functions while the FREE version can only perform actions manually. Another difference is that in the FREE version the deep scan function for disk drives can not be used. Additionally, some useful tools in the settings are also locked in the FREE version.

Only in PRO Version:
 Protection against new Malware Variants
 Personalize all product settings
 Remove USB virus in your Infected System
 Automatic Malware Database and Software Updates

More details regarding the differences between FREE and PRO version can be found here.

How do I take advantage of Quarantine function of USB-AV Antivirus?

In case of any false positives, all the threats found out by USB-AV Antivirus will be removed to the Quarantine List when the option "Quarantine threats when remove them" is ticked. When there is a false positive, you can easily restore the quarantined clean file from the Quarantine List to its original location. You can also delete the infected file permanently from the computer by clicking Delete if it is not a false positive.

How can I report False Positive?

Please send us the suspicious file so that we can look into it. In the meantime, you can also upload the suspicious file to Virus Total for analyzing, and then give us the analysis report link to

How many computers does USB-AV Antivirus PRO license code cover?

The default quantity is only good for one computer with one year subscription. But we also provide 1-year license for multi-PC. Please visit here and click "BUY NOW" to go to the purchasing page, and then change the quantity to what you want in quantity box.

Can I use USB-AV with antivirus programs and spyware removers?

USB-AV is designed to be a good complement of other anti-virus programs. Is compatible with most major security products such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall solutions.

How to add the items into the Ignore List?

If you want to keep some items which are related to the program you are using or you suspect are False Positives in the scan result, you can just right click on the items you want to keep and click "Remember Ignore". In this way, those items will not be scanned any more.

How can I send a new virus?

To send an infected file it must zip it with the password "virus" and then send it to the address:, our team will analyze the sample and of being confirmed we will place it in the next update of the antivirus.

Every how long must I update the antivirus?

The updates of the antivirus are published every day. If its computer is connected to Internet USB-AV he verifies automatically the available updates. In case he has not connection it must download them periodically and update it of manual form.

Why my license key is in the black list?

We have an efficient system to detect violations of the agreement of privacy. If its license is in the "Black List" it is because it has violated the above mentioned agreement, the most common cause is when the key is set in many other computers than you have paid.

Can I follow USB-AV on Facebook?

Yes, we have our own page on Facebook, located at

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